Who we are

  • Marker is an agency specializing in Telco and High-Tech clients
  • We provide our clients with a full-service, customized solutions or on-demand service
  • We have our own dedicated solutions (EPG, OTT ...)
  • We develop our own digital platforms (Volim.tv, Pictures of Serbia)
  • We develop applications and services on request
  • We have an immense network of associates and exceptional core team with in-depth knowledge
  • We have massive customer database
  • We have a photo and video materials database
  • We have a video content database (movies, series and other TV shows)
  • We monitor the development of the market, as well as the needs and habits of users
  • We constantly educate our own teams as well as our client teams
  • We create market needs and customer habits

What we do

Marketing - Brand development, Digital and communication strategies / Design & Branding / Advertising campaigns / Direct marketing / Digital
Dedicated Telco Solutions - Volim.tv platform / EPG Platform / OTT Solutions / Content Management & Promotion / Advanced platform and video services development strategy / User habits & needs analytic
Digitaln world - Developing our own platforms / Analytics and strategies / UI and UX / Website and application development / Managing social networks ecosystems / Creating and exploiting user databases
Event Organization & Education - Planning & Organization / Branding & Design / Event Marketing / Creating Visitor Databases / Dedicated Lectures / Client’s Teams Education

How we do it

  • We have in-depth knowledge in the areas we deal with
  • We have invested a great deal of energy and knowledge to one segment of the market - the Telco industry
  • We create long-term partnerships with our clients
  • We have large teams specialized in specific functions or areas
  • We hire people with extensive previous experience or young, extremely talented people whose education and development is earmarked
  • We have great technical resources (two locations, server system ...)
  • We have our own customer databases
  • We have our own content databases and our own content
  • We have our own platforms
  • We love, use and constantly master new technologies

People and teams

Marker CRM has more than 50 active employees and associates. We are divided into departments with specific know-how and functions, and we all operate as a well-oiled machine.

Marker CRM CEO is Dragoljub Jevtić, and these are the departments and people who run them

Digital&Creative Strategy - Zoran Rađen
Design&UI - Ana Jurčić
Graphic&Packaging Design - Sandra Todorović
Creative&UX - Arsenije Krnjajski
Web Platforms - Nemanja Radović
Web Developer - Miloš Radovanović
Client Service&Events - Uroš Miljković
TV Content Management - Milica Jevtić
TV Content Promotion - Nebojša Đokić
Interactive Programme Guide - Nevena i Ivana Jurišić
Quality Assurance - Velja Mijanović


PUKOS - Business Association of Cable Operators of Serbia
RNIDS - Register of National Internet Domains of Serbia
Radijus Vektor
Astra Telekom
MVM Fiber Connecting
Athletic Association of Serbia
WWF - World Wildlife Fund